RED Solutions manufactures specially designed bag filters, cyclones, NOx removal systems, and similar environmental control processes for industrial facilities. Focused on the unique requirements of our customers, we offer comprehensive engineering solutions. Each of our products incorporates cutting-edge materials and designs that prioritize factors such as high performance, energy efficiency, and environmental compliance.



At RED Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services for the professional execution of your projects, covering everything from initial project studies to project management, on-site services, and ongoing support post-commissioning.

Our technical team comprises highly skilled professionals specializing in process technology, project realization, mechanical and electrical project management, commissioning, and service



At RED Solutions we have a proficient team dedicated to executing mechanical and electrical installation projects. We place particular emphasis on ensuring that each construction site benefits from the supervision of at least one of our skilled assembly staff members. Over the years, we have cultivated strong partnerships with providers of experienced assembly staff who collaborate with our company.

Our assembly crews, consisting of professionally qualified individuals, oversee and actively participate in all projects, starting from the initial assembly works at the project location to the final plant acceptance



RED Solutions Installation and Commissioning field crews have the experience to ensure safe and quality air pollution control system installations. Each one is required to pass various safety training and wear personal protection equipment (PPE). Our supervised field crews specialize in dust collector erection and ventilation duct work that follow all current safety requirements and provide a modern, safe, and efficient work site.

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In today's industrial landscape, stringent environmental protection requirements govern all production processes. Ensuring the continuous operation and high availability of the air pollution control systems integrated into these processes is imperative. Even post-commissioning and the handover of gas cleaning plants, RED Solutions extends a comprehensive suite of support and maintenance services

Our dedicated team, specially trained for various tasks, offers the following services:

Plant Inspection,Scheduled Plant Maintenance,Troubleshooting,On-site Measurements,Support Services and Staff Training

At RED Solutions , we recognize the critical role of environmental compliance and stand ready to deliver comprehensive support services throughout the lifecycle of your air pollution control plants.

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